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Clock Solitaire Instructions


Single Player Single Deck Solitare Game

Shuffle the deck and deal the cards, face down, into 13 piles of four cards each. The piles should be arranged as if they are the numbers on a clock with the extra pile in the middle of the circle. The "numbers" of each of the piles (1 through 12 on the clock and the middle pile as the No. 13) are important.
Turn the top card on the 13th pile face up (that's the pile in the middle of the circle). Place the card, still face up, under the pile of that card's number. For example, a 4 would go under the 4 pile. An ace would go under the one pile. Face cards are placed as follows: jack under 11, queen under 12, king under 13.Then, turn the top card on that pile face up and place it, still face up, under the appropriate pile. Continue in this manner until the game ends. If the final face-down card in a pile belongs to that same pile, continue the game by turning the next (moving clockwise) face-down card face up.
You win if all 13 piles become face-up piles of four-of-a-kind. However, you lose if the fourth king is turned face up before all the other sets are completed. Clock Solitaire is only won about 1% of the time because it is entirely based on chance.